Baseline Correction

Baseline correction resets the drifting zero of measured data to the correct position.
Black line:
raw data

Blue line:

Under ideal conditions, an input value '0' is put out as '0'.

In most real cases, however, a slowly varying line is added to the measured data.
This may be caused by warm up of the detector, gradients in a flowing solvent and many other causes.
There cannot exist an 'exact theory' of baseline drifting. Baseline drift ia a systematical error of the measured data.

In ProAnalysi::PEAKS, base line correction is made by the following (multiply verified) principle:
'Find a curve with minimum curvature, which is close to a maximum of measured points'.
Here, a free parameter sets the blance between 'minimum curvature' and 'maximum number of points'.
For NMR, SEC and other methods, ready-to-use parameters are installed.